A Case For “NON-EXISTENT GOD”: And “God” Said, “I Don’t by Rev. James Wentz

By Rev. James Wentz

A CASE FOR "NON-EXISTENT GOD" comprises an exposé of conventional religions—Judaism and Islam slightly, yet essentially Christianity and its BIBLE. This argument is in the premise that Supernaturalism is not anything greater than Superstition, which operates as an important strength outdoor of complete human information. The ebook has 722 pages, plus an eleven web page Index, and contains Letters to Galileo, Jesus, and Nietzsche.
NON-EXISTENTGODism [NEGism] is out there as another imaginative and prescient to trust in "God." UnBelievers can say "I am a NEGist," or "I am an AoNEGist" which means "I am an Adherent (or recommend) of Non-ExistentGod." The author's spiritual Philosophy of NERNism (Natural Existential spiritual Non-Supernaturalism), outlined within the ultimate bankruptcy, helps NEGism.
sensible feedback are provided on "coming out" of the "Closet of UnBelief" in a "God"-centered society and tradition. conventional vacations are handled, together with a distinct letter: "No, VIRGINIA, there is not any Santa Claus, yet . . .” The e-book ends with principles for residing within the type of "Twelve Prescripts."
This booklet is usually for "People of (Supernatural) religion" (the writer used to be one as soon as) who wish larger to appreciate psychologically why they think as they do—by exploring a good exam of a few of the destructive implications of religion. simply because (Religious) religion is less than severe research, an allure is made within the Preface to ALL Believers: Please needless to say an research of your ideals isn't really meant as a private insult or condemnation. one of many maximum fateful flaws of Supernatural religion is that it implicitly and infrequently at once teaches that an assault upon its theology is an illiberal attack upon its person Believers and their ethical, human, and civic rights. yet this guideline is deceivingly FALSE—it is a part of Faiths' try (sometimes within the identify of Blasphemy) to guard its specific Hoax.
The critical purpose of this booklet is Honesty within the look for fact. on the market of principles the place Freedom of notion is rightfully ultimate one precious situation within the pursuit of fact is that each individual (including the writer) has to be ready to have their such a lot sacred principles challenged—which is a uncomplicated premise of collage schooling.
Rev. James Wentz, a retired Unitarian Universalist minister, lives on big apple, long island.

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